Batch Test Results

Quite a few CBD producers claim their bottles to be specific concentration of CBD to be present in their product, yet when the products are tested the CBD concentrations are consistently way below the advertised amount. KPCBD is proud to present test results from an independent laboratory for every batch of KPCBD produced CBD products. Please find your batch number below, simply click the batch number and you can view or download a copy of the test results. KPCBD guarantees the CBD concentration in your bottle to be exactly at the labeled amount, or slightly above in your favor. 



KPCBDROC12180712 - Rockstar Breakfast 120mg

KPCBDROC27180712 - Rockstar Breakfast 270mg

KPCBDROC51180712 - Rockstar Breakfast 510mg

KPCBDROC51180820 - Rockstar Breakfast 510mg




GKCBDZOM12180712 - Zombie Killer 120mg

GKCBDZOM27180712 - Zombie Killer 270mg

GKCBDZOM51180712 - Zombie Killer 510mg

GKCBDZOM27180806 - Zombie Killer 510mg

GKCBDZOM51180924 - Zombie Killer 510mg

OC18A001 - Zombie Killer 120mg

N018A001 - Zombie Killer 270mg

JA19D001 - Zombie Killer 270mg

N018C001 - Zombie Killer 510mg



KPCBDFUR12180712 - Fury 120mg

KPCBDFUR27180712 - Fury 270mg

KPCBDFUR51180820 - Fury 510mg