Bradley's CBD - Kentucky Punch 30ml 4mg/ml 120mg

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Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Artificial Flavorings, 99.7 Pure CBD Powder Isolate
30ml / 1oz
Bradley's CBD - Kentucky Punch 30ml 4mg/ml 120mg

CBD Kentucky Punch - 30ml 4MG/ML 120mg

120mg of CBD from Industrial Hemp. Zero THC.

Whether it's a hot summer's day, or just a day when you find yourself longing for the sunshine, nothing will satisfy and refresh quite like the vibrant fruit flavors of Kentucky Punch. A lush and juicy combination of ripe red apples, fresh sliced watermelon and sweet, fresh strawberries greets your taste buds with a smile and departs in a fluffy cloud. Your perfect summertime vape has arrived.

Bradley's uses a 99.7% pure CBD isolate powder during manufacturing. This means that there is no plant taste, no PEG400 and no other chemicals used to emulsify the CBD. Be aware of some CBD liquids using Oil and Soy Lecithin in their products.